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クリスマスパーティー !!
Chirstmas Party !!
Here comes Santa Claus !!
What did he bring us this year ?
Are you guys excited ?
I`m kinda scared of Santa !
Hope he brought me a present.
Have you been a good little girl this year ?
I can`t sit still at Christmas parties !
I love presents.
"Let`s sing a Christmas song !! "
"How does it work ?"
"Let me check."
"We wish a Merry Christmas !! "
"We wish a Merry Christmas !! "
I like making cool Christmas hats !
Mine`s gonna be the best .
I gotta balance this candy to win the race.
Let`s play fruit basket !
Stand up if you are wearing ....!
Lunch break !!
We sure had fun !
"Let`s talk about the rules in the park...."
"Number 1 is ...."
We love the See-saw !!
Let`s do it again and get some more people.
Playing at the park is fun !
Everybody smile and say Merry Christmas !
Do you know where Santa lives ?
How does Santa travel from the North Pole ?
I showed Santa my Christmas list !
Merry Christmas Mom !!
Look I got a present from Santa !!
Hey everybody, I finally get to meet Santa !
Let`s play a Christmas game !
This is lots of fun guys, can you do it ?
What`s this ?
This is going to be his eye I think !
This is the coolest Dolphin Snowman ever !
Almost finished !
1 more eye to go so I can see everyone.
Let`s do Rock scissors paper !
It`s hard to balance
on such a tiny piece of paper !
Girls only picture time !!
"Merry Christmas, everyone !!"