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キッズプラザ大阪に行ってきました !!
We went to Kids Plaza Osaka !!
We're excited to go on the train!
Wow, this train operator is so cool!!
So this is Kids Plaza!
First, go up the ladder!
Everyone, go slowly!!
Let me see.... shall I buy this meat?
Peep....did it go through?
Do I need cabbage to make curry?
Do you like my hairstyle?
Uh! I put it on the wrong track!!
Good, right?
Oh, I can hear somebody!
Next, I'll change my voice!
See, I told you I'm good at this!
Watch me run, okay!
Can you see we're in a huge bubble soap!!
Uh....I'm stuck, can somebody help?
Don't take my photo, I'm eating!!!
Here's your salmon sushi!
I always wanted to be a plumber!
We're on the patrol today!
Hello, you've got mail!
Hey, I'm a super drummer!!
Good afternoon,
it's time for Kids Plaza News on channel 8!
We want to come again!!