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ハロウィンパーティ !!
Halloween Party !!
"Hi, Happy Halloween!!"
Welcome to the haunted house!
We are here to catch all the ghosts!
We just want candies!
We're here to have fun!!
Who wants SPOOKY time!?
We are Minions!
Is this the beauty contest?
Hi, we're the TROLLS!
Which group are we?
Candy hunting!!
Yeah, I found the lucky car!!
Throw the bean bag into the Jack-o-lantern!
Aim for it!!
I can`t see well.
Unbelievable.....It's moving by itself!!
Please....don't spill, I'll be good from tomorrow!!
Phew....can I leave now?
Smile for the good times!!
Everybody, Trick or Treat!!