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サツマイモ堀り !!
Digging sweet potatoes !!
It`s a school trip today!!
Very excited!!
Here we are!!
It`s a beautiful weather!!
Let`s go now!!
I can see something purple!!
One, two, One, two
Hands are so dirty!!
Look, I got a big one!
Me too!!
I got a big one, too!???
I got a long one!
Yeah, it's my first time to dig one!
Mom&Dad, I`ll take this home!
I want to eat it right now!!
I`ve dug all of these out!
This one's as big as my face!
Cute sizes!!
Yeah, finally I dug it up!!
Lunch time! Lunch time!
Let's go in here!!
Huh...? Where did everyone go??
Wow, what on earth is that!?
See, I caught a frog!
I got a praying mantis!!
See! Big bubbles!!
I'm a bubble machine!!
Wow, it's a perfect ball!!
Look, I can make it this loooooong!!
Water balloons cool us down on a hot day!!
Mr.Monster, Mr.Monster,
What time is it?
It`s lunch time!!!
Everyone, run away!! We're gonna be eaten!!
Sweet dreams on the bus ride home.
Must have been a very busy day!
We all had a super day!!